• Bernstein’s business tactics

  • Posted on December 20, 2016
  • It takes intelligence and numerous clever business and law tactics to fight against a real estate system that aims to foreclose on homes, especially as the market moves swiftly downward and banks attempt to cash in on a multitude of loans. At Foreclosure Defense, founded by Steven W. Bernstein in 2009, an entire team of qualified and dedicated professionals ensure all bases are properly covered for nationwide clients who wish to save their homes, modify their mortgages and litigate as needed against big banks and lenders.

    Bernstein brings almost 30 years of industry experience to his company, including a B.A., B.S. and a law degree. Additionally, he previously owned a mortgage business for 19 years and worked for one of the nation’s largest lenders, also holding his real estate license for 28 years. His knowledge of the field is vast. And he works alongside a trusted team of fellow leaders in the field, including attorneys, paralegals, expert witnesses, forensic auditors, researchers and more, all spread across four U.S. offices -- Miami, Los Angeles, Atlanta and New York -- in order to best serve homeowners all over the country. From modification packages to legal representation and loan restructuring advice, the experts at Foreclosure Defense use every tactic possible toward results and success in every instance.

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